Why you should immigrate to Canada ?

Canadais one of the most beautiful countries in the world and that is one of the reasons that made a lot of people have a dream to immigrate to it especially from the arabic world ,  and that in order to have a better life or for the other advantages like finishing their studies or having a job , and in our today topic we are going to talk about the advantages of immigration to Canada and also things you need in order to immigrate . .

Information about canada

Canada is known for its rich natural resources, vast lands, and a land of endless opportunities! Canada is located in the northern part of the North American continent, and it is the largest country that has a land border with one country in the world. Canada is the third largest country in the world in terms of geographical area . .

Location: North America

Capital: Ottawa

Language : English (official language) , French (official language) , Punjabi , Italian , Spanish , German , Cantonese , and Tagalog . .

Population : 35,623,680 people .

Population growth : 0.73% .

GDP : $ 1.764 trillion .

GDP per capita : 48,100 dollars .

Government : a federal parliamentary democracy .

Why you should immigrate to Canada

Free education for children , and reduced university fees for higher education . .

Free health insurance .

Tax benefits for families with children under the age of 18 .

Benefits and benefits of the social security system , which include , among other things , salaries and pensions , benefits for the mother and father , and others . .

Full labor rights , in addition to assistance in searching for work in the public and private sectors . .

The possibility of obtaining Canadian citizenship (if the conditions are met) . .

Possibility of joining spouses and children up to the age of 22 . .

Requirements and conditions for immigration to Canada - immigration of skilled workers

In order to immigrate to Canada you will need a lot of requirements so you be able to apply to an immigration program , either way it’s a scholar program or any other kind and without it you not be able to apply . .

Those several conditions and requirements for immigration to Canada through the Skilled Immigration Program , as the applicant must :

  • Age 18 and over .
  • Obtains at least 67 points in the qualifying points system .
  • Has minimum financial requirements according to family size .
  • Complies with the required security standards .
  • Complies with the required sanitary standards .

- Complies with required language standards .

* Other terms and conditions apply . . . .

The Advantages of fast immigration to Canada

 Canada provides immigrants with a set of various advantages that help every immigrant get a good life , and given the rapid immigration to Canada , we find that it offers a wonderful package of advantages , including the following :

Obtaining many different benefits for foreign workers that are not found in other countries :

-   Getting the best job opportunities in Canada through its own job bank, and the Job Bank in Canada expresses the initiative that the Canadian government has introduced to immigrants to Canada , so the main purpose of designing this program is to bring together potential employees and employers . .

How to immigrate from Egypt to Canada

If you live in Egypt and you think about immigrate to Canada , thet are a lot of programs that provide you to doi that and one of the most popular programs that you can apply for is  . .

The migration of skilled

  • skilled workers program is one of the most important immigration programs to Canada, where the Canadian government offers to those wishing to immigrate to Canada this wonderful program that many immigrants resort to in Canada . .
  • Once the immigration application is approved , a person can stand with his dreams on the ground , but It should be noted that the skilled and skilled labor migration program does not apply to immigrants in general , but rather is concerned with the competencies and expertise that a Canadian city needs , and the professions that are frequently required are limited to engineering , health care , information technology , construction , services and agriculture sectors . .
  • Providing the opportunity to use the express immigration system to Canada by the provinces and territories to recruit and invite candidates from different provinces

- The system for rapid immigration to Canada is characterized by transparency , as it depends on the use of the system approach , which is mainly based on the number of points to select foreign workers with different experiences and skills . .

  • The expedited immigration system to Canada contains processing times that do not exceed 6 months .
  • The rapid immigration system to Canada is the fastest immigration program and system to Canada . .

Immigration to Canada to study

Immigration to Canada to study is one of the legitimate ways to immigrate , and even the most common for young people in India and the Philippines , especially to obtain fast immigration , and young people choose Canada in particular to study , because of the academic reputation of universities in Canada , and fame among the universities of the world , Young people seek to obtain a study visa to Canada to achieve the dream of scientific standing among their families , and they have every right to do so , as Canada is one of the leading countries scientifically and culturally . .

Advantages and disadvantages of immigrating to Canada to study

The important advantages are not going through the pain of accumulating points and achieving the conditions for immigration to Canada , which are included in the various programs that Canada has set as standards for immigrants to it. The disadvantages are the high costs, which can be reduced if we can get a scholarship in Canada .

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