Things you have to know before immigrate to Canada

If you are one of those people that have the dream of immigrate to Canada then you have to know a couple of things , firstly , there are a lot of programs you can apply to in order to immigrate to that country , its mot about one program of one chance as so many people think , also you should know the reason of your immigration so you apply to the right program , are searching to complete your studies or maybe to just having a job for a better life , anyway , in today topic we will talk about immigration to Canada and we will provide you with all information you need . .

How much money I need to immigrate to Canada ?

Canada is a large country and has few inhabitants in relation to its area . .  The unemployment rate in this country is very low . . That is why job seekers can easily find the job they want . . Applicants can apply for a Canadian visa through the Skilled Worker and Express Entry programs. This will be done in two steps. In the first stage , they must obtain a score of 67 out of a total of 100 , including age , qualifications , work experience , language skills , husband / wife status and job offer . . In the second stage, it was previously in this form which relates to 600 degrees of job offer , but in the new laws it will be 50 degrees of job offer . Immigration costs to Canada through this route will be about 10 to 12 thousand euros, which the applicant must pay . .

How much to pay if I want to study in Canada

If you have the dream of immigrate to canada in order to continue your studies we tell you that is possible , and Studying it is possible at all levels of high school , bachelor's , master's , and doctorate . . In order to study in schools in Canada it can cost between 16 and 45 thousand euros . . To study at this stage , individuals must present their academic certificates and their previous academic degrees. Also at the undergraduate level , applicants can apply for admission . . Tuition costs at the bachelor’s and master’s levels vary between $ 15,000 to $ 25,000 depending on the field and university in which they study . . The duration of study at the bachelor's level is 3 to 4 years . . The language certificate required at this level is IELTS 6 .

Immigration costs to Canada by investment

Immigration to Canada is not always about continue studies , having a job or better your quality of life , some people already have that but they search to immigrate to canada in order to invest and yea that method is not free also and it have its own programs , ans what our next paragraph is about . .

Many applicants are eager to learn about the costs of immigration to Canada by investment . There are different types of investment in Canada . It has a $ 2 million program that has been in operation in Quebec since 2020 and people have to prove that they have this amount in cash or non-cash and pay the Canadian government about $ 1 million and $ 200,000 as a deposit . Through this way , they can obtain permanent residency. After 5 years they could take their capital from the government without earning any profit . . But there are a number of brokerage firms in Canada that show the above amounts instead of individuals and pay the Canadian government as a deposit . . But they receive $ 350 , 000 from individuals and take permanent residence for these applicants . .

Immigration to Canada by fast track

The Canadian Immigration Program “ Express Entry ” is one of the most popular immigration programs that provide Canadian permanent residency and citizenship . .

The selection system for Canada's immigration program is called Express Entry and is designed to select skilled people who wish to immigrate to Canada . The Express Entry system is a fully electronic selection process administered by the IRCC that allows entry More than 300,000 immigrants to Canada annually in the family and economic classes . .

Those who meet certain conditions and criteria submit their transactions online on the website designated for receiving immigration applications to Canada via the Express Entry. The comprehensive classification system designed by the Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Authority classifies applications submitted and those with the highest rating will be invited to apply for permanent residence . .

What other things you need to immigrate to Canada ?

A lot of people ask what they need in order to immigrate and we tell you that the desire is not enough but you have to own all the requirements , and those requirements are different from a program to an other , for example a person look to continue their studis to canada is not the same requirement for a person want to immigrate to invest in some project or to get his or her job dream . .

But anyway , The requirements for immigration to Canada differ according to the type of immigration program submitted to it . However , there are certain basic principles that must be met in all immigration options and programs . First , you must provide evidence of language proficiency , whether English or French , and this is done by taking a language test recognized by the Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Nationality Authority, for example the International English Language Test (IELTS) . Second , you will also need to submit a report on the outcome of your university degree evaluation , which is done by the WES . .

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