The Advantages of immigration to Canada in 2020

To be honest the Immigration to Canada is a dream to a lot of and it come true for so many of them while they are some others stay waiting for a chance to immigrate , and from another hand so many people want to go to Canada because of the many opportunities this country provides for them , for example  learning and  earning and growth , also without forgetting that Canada is one of the few countries that give the immigrants the same rights as the Canadian citizens . . .

From the most important stuffs of immigration to canada , we find for example the right to work and live in any place they want in the country , also enjoy all the rights and othe social benefits like the ability for free education in the Canadian public schools , also the health care programs for them and their family members ,  also the immigrants have the choice to move to Canada buy themselves or with their families . .


any immigrant in Canada have the right to get free education in Canadian public schools for free , and when it come to university studies the fees for the immigrants is reduced compared to the Canadian students and that’s a great thing . .

the work

any immigrant to Canada country have the right to study live and work as any other citizen and that in all the ten provinces of the country he want to . .

Respect for different cultures

One of the most amazing thimgs about Canada is that they accept people as they are and give them all the rights they need , canada will welcome you whatever is your religion gender skin color or sexual orientation , you are a human and you will be respected and have the same equal rightsas any other citizen in Canada . .

Advantages of studying in Canada

If you Start a Canadian study online , especially in the fall of 2020 that  can help you find a work in Canada,  it can also improve the chances to obtain a  permanent residency under Express Entry, PNP, or any other programs of immigration . .

Canadian government aid

Also the country of Canada provide immigrant with the financial assistance they need , especially to those who have a cash crisis , and spouses with children are granted financial rewards on a time basis, and a person with permanent residency can also invite other family members like the brothers or sisters to settle in the country . .

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