That’s why you should immigrate to Canada

If you have a dream to immigrate but you have no idea to witch country you have to immigrate  , we tell you that Canada is absolutely  the best choice for you ever , and in our topic today we will tell you all the reasons why you should immigrate to Canada and not any other country 

Applying to an educational institution

If you are one of that people that want to immigrate to a country  in order to continue their studies , then the country of Canada is the best choice with no doubt ,  An application is made to the desired educational institution in Canada , whether a school , college or university or any other scholar programs  , and that through the following steps :

  • Volume 0% Prior contact with the desired educational institution to obtain information related to applying to it , and to know the required documents . .
  • Taking into account that the progress is during a period of 6 months prior to the start of the school year of the school stage , and a period of one year prior to applying for higher education . Fill out the application form of the institution that has been selected according to the instructions , then wait until the approval letter is obtained . .
  • Use the approval letter to obtain a study permit in Canada . .

Obtaining a Canadian study permit The online application

The process of applying for a study permit in Canada absolutely needs to present some documents as a basic requirements , and you will have to submit them online , the applicant  also needs to have a bank credit card it is actually a must , or you will not be able to apply to any Canadian immigrant programs  , in addition to making copies of the required documents via a scanner , and obtaining On the information related to the documents required through the existing visa offices . .

The Paper application

A person wishing to study in Canada can obtain a paper application to obtain a study permit through the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) website , and these procedures usually take twice the time required to apply through The Internet , as it needs to be monitored and verified from time to time . .

related to higher education in Canada Some information related to university studies in Canada can be mentioned as follows

The Canadian government adopts a program based on facilitating access for international students to study in Canada . Canada , and aims to double the number of its presence by the year 2022 . .

The Canadian government has worked to facilitate the access of international students to job opportunities during their studies there , and to ensure that they obtain a permit to work on its territory for a period of up to 3 years after their graduation . . University study in Canada provides an opportunity to get close to American culture and live the experience in it , as well as experience the most modest and welcoming Canadian students . Canadian universities are distinguished by their lower costs and tuition fees compared to their American, Australian and British counterparts .

Immigrate to Canada to invest in a project

Canada offers some of the best programs for investor immigrants looking to obtain better immigration options for themselves in addition to their immediate families (dependents) . These are internationally recognized programs that have been specifically designed to suit high net worth individuals . .

These programs number more than 15 immigration programs that target only the businessmen category . .

Advantages of the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

The investment made by the applicant of up to 800,000 Canadian dollars (equivalent to 615,000 USD) with the Quebec government is guaranteed and will be paid in full by the Canadian government after 5 years . .

An investor can include members of his immediate family ( including dependent children under the age of 19 ) in his immigration application to Canada . .

Enjoy most of the social benefits that Canadian citizens receive, including free health care and education . .

Quebec Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur Immigration Program

This program was re-launched on April 1 of this year 2016, and it targets individuals with entrepreneurial skills who intend to invest , manage and operate agricultural , commercial or industrial businesses in Quebec , and in return, it gives them the opportunity to obtain permanent residency in Canada . .

Quebec Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur Immigration Program requirements . .

  • Possessing a fortune of not less than 300,000 Canadian dollars, collected through legal means.
  • Senior management experience of no less than two years in agricultural , commercial or industrial business , and control of at least 25% of the commercial business capital in the past five years . .

The Quebec Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur Immigration Program enables individuals to obtain Canadian permanent residency and enjoy its advantages . .

Regional Nomination Program (PNP)

The Provincial Nomination Program in Canada offers a range of business immigration programs in its various provinces , enabling the investor to choose the program that is commensurate with his wealth or the province in which the investor and his family prefer to settle . .

Among the regional nomination programs , comes the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program , which is the best among these programs , as this program requires the applicant to possess a wealth of at least 350,000 Canadian dollars , in addition to making a minimum investment of 150,000 Canadian dollars . . This program is very popular due to its low cost of living and its privilegedness in a safe and convenient environment for starting a business . . Once the investor obtains the regional nomination certificate , his immigration application is given priority in processing , which thus speeds up the process of obtaining Canadian permanent residency . .

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