immigrate to Canada How to ?

Immigration to Canada by investment

Immigration to Canada by investing many styles and a wide range of topics , and this is summarized below . .

Due to its high economic stability , increasing economic conditions , excellent behavior with foreign investors and our indifference among domestic and foreign investors, this country is a suitable destination with high security for investment . . Different Canadian states offer different ways to immigrate to Canada depending on the needs of their country and the growing population of some of their smaller cities . .

Most methods of investment in Canada is a subset of entrepreneurial methods , each with specific requirements of different grades . .


In most of these methods , the applicant must re-design work provider or purchase of existing business according to his educational background and experience in administrative work , and planning progress and positive change in that part of the country's economy . .

In addition to entrepreneurship based investment methods, there is another method that does not contain the limitations of entrepreneurial methods and is currently offered only in the province of Quebec . That way , you either have to give Canada $ 1.2 million to Canadian state-owned banks for five years, or you have to give $ 350,000 to some companies to give them $ 1.2 million in your place . .

There are different ways to invest in different states in Canada with different amounts and requirements. For example, two methods of entrepreneurship-based investment in British Columbia, providing suitable accommodation and investment conditions for those interested , are investment methods of $ 100 thousand and $ 200 thousand . In these methods, the person first presents his CV, information , and work conditions and after confirmation, receives an invitation and enters the country with his capital and invests his capital in his business. This migration routes have different degrees and details and provide conditions for applicants so that they can obtain a residence permit for two years, and during these two years by showing their progress in applying for permanent residence.

Immigration to Canada through asylum

Immigration to Canada through asylum is checked under this section. Immigrating to Canada through asylum is one way to obtain Canadian residency and it is not recommended in any way. Given the difficulties and dangers involved in the asylum procedure, the high cost of spending, the uncertainty of the outcome, and the lack of work permits to announce the outcome of asylum cases, this method cannot be considered a good option for immigration to Canada. In general, Canada is a member of the Geneva Conventions and refugee protection law. Refugees are defined in international law as a person who travels to another country for reasons such as religion, gender, politics, etc., and is afraid to return to his home country. Because if that person returns home, there may be harassment, torture, or the possibility of his death.

To immigrate to Canada through asylum, one must apply for asylum after entering Canada and from within Canada, or apply for asylum in Canada through the United Nations offices. Asylum in Canada can be a daunting task. In the UN method, an asylum seeker may have been undecided on the UN list for years and may not have the right to work or return to his or her home country for several years. It may take several years to submit an asylum application in Canada and the asylum application may not ultimately be accepted. It is important to note that asylum seekers will not be permitted to work in Canada and return to their country of origin during the asylum process. If the person's case is ultimately rejected and the case is not accepted in court, the asylum seeker must leave Canada within a very short period of time. MIE Counseling does not recommend asylum methods and has prepared this section to make you more aware of the risks of these methods.

Immigration to Quebec

Territories like Quebec have their distinct gates to permanent residence . This includes :

Quebec Experience Program : The unique Quebec Experience Program provides international students with an opportunity to begin immigration procedures before the end of the study period. This privilege is not granted at the federal level or in other provinces . .

Regional candidate programs

Canadian provinces have the authority to nominate permanent residents through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) . The eligibility requirements set by the provinces for the program tend to favor students and those who choose to study in Canada . This is because of their experience of living among the locals as well as good language skills .

Ontario and British Columbia are the most popular with students to participate in this permanent residency program . This program is also beneficial for students who do not qualify for permanent resident status through Express Entry withdrawals .

The Express Entry System

It is the most widely used system of economic immigration to Canada with permanent residents selected on a priority basis . The different ways to enter a candidate list are :

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) : This operates as an immigration program that operates on a fast-track basis for people with Canadian work experience in a skilled job , with graduates being the target individuals .

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