Conditions for immigration to Canada through the new pilot

program for immigration to Canadian rural areas .

Canada is one of the countries sought by many citizens in different countries of the world , especially the Arab countries . . .

The Arab citizen is constantly searching for new opportunities that enable him to reach the realization of his dreams and bring them to the ground of reality ,  and there are a lot of reasons which made many People wishing to immigrate and benefit from the package that Canada offers to immigrants from multiple cultures that add to the person's experiences , and the safety that there is no like in the country , in addition to its good reception for every immigrant without regard to his gender , religion or race . . On cropping it from the roots on a continuous basis . .

  • What is the Canadian Rural and Northern Immigration Program ?

  • The Rural and Northern Immigration Program is a program of interest to communities and small areas in Canada . .
  • This program aims to extend the benefits of economic immigration to all small regions in Canada and that by granting them the possibility of recruiting skilled foreign workers , who wish to live and settle in these regions of Canada country  . .
  • The government is partnering with these communities to test new ways to use immigration in order to help meet local labor market needs , support regional economic development , and also , in the long term , retain skilled new arrivals . .
  • Get a recommendation from the region you wish to immigrate to:
  • One of the most important conditions for immigration to Canada through this program is obtaining a referral from the Canadian region that you intend to immigrate to . .
  • These areas receive a recommendation based on :
  • The person's intention to live and work in this area .
  • Offer work that meets the economic needs of this community .
  • Work experience and worker skills .
  • Relationship with society .
  • Canadian regions that recruit skilled workers :
  • There are 11 rural and northern regions out of 5 Canadian provinces that have entered into an agreement with the Canadian central government to bring in skilled immigrants . .
  • These areas are :
  • North Bay is from Ontario . .
  • Sudbury from Ontario . .
  • Timmins are from Ontario . .
  • Sault Ste . Marie is from Ontario . .
  • Thunder Bay is from Ontario .
  • Brandon from Manitoba .
  • Altona / Rhineland from Manitoba .
  • Moose Jaw from Saskatchewan .
  • Claresholm from Alberta .
  • Vernon from British Columbia .
  • Professional Experience :
  • You will need to demonstrate that you have had at least one year of work experience in a specific field ( at least 1,560 hours ) in the past three years . .

A year of experience counts when an employee observes the following rule :

  • That the number of targeted work hours was (1,560) full-time or part-time work hours . .
  • Working hours in an occupation and naturally you have different employers . .
  • Must be at least 12 months old . .
  • It does not matter whether these hours are inside or outside Canada . .
  • If you have previously worked in Canada, you must be a temporary resident and have a work permit in Canada . .
  • Unpaid working hours are not considered volunteering or training . .
  • Self-employed persons whose work hours are not counted , .
  • Work experience must include a large number of jobs listed on the National Occupational Classification (NOC) . .

How to find a job offer in Canada :

  • There is no explicit mention on the official website of Immigration to Canada how to find a job offer in the mentioned regions . .
  • The space was left for people to search their own way for job offers . .

But the best way to search for a job offer without fear of falling into the hand of swindlers and fraudsters is to go to the official websites of each region and search for job sites that publish daily job offers in that region . .

It is sufficient to type the name of the region in which you want to settle on the search engine so that its official site appears on the first page of the search results . . .

  • So, this was the most important information related to the issue of immigration to Canada through the pilot program for immigration to rural and northern Canadian regions . .
  • Canada study visa requirements, student visa requirements, procedures and fees . .
  • In Canada , a student visa is referred to as a “ study permit ” .

It is important to make sure you have the appropriate study permit for your international studies before you leave for Canada . .

The Canadian authority in charge of immigration is called Immigration , Refugees and Citizenship Canada . .

Since the conditions for study permits change rapidly , you must make sure to get the most recent information on these conditions through the Canadian Immigration , Refugees and Citizenship website , as this is the best place for that . .

Your IDP consultant can guide you in obtaining travel authorization information from Immigration , Refugees and Citizenship Canada , and can assist you in reaching approved immigration representatives when needed . .

If you need to translate the documents and ship them by mail , the staff can also direct you in this step . .

Issuing study permits or visas can be a hassle , but there is no need to worry as you can get the appropriate support and guidance from our advisors . .

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